Monday, 11 January 2010

nachos monday

started out well, and ended horribly.

spent the morning chipping paint off the final piece im working on for art and then spent the afternoon with my best friend, which was lovely :)

however, my evening was spent being criticized and shouted at, ending in a big ol' argument with quite a few people. Even as i write this, you keep popping up trying to start another one.. seriously now, stfu.
and then you, you go and get me where it hurts.. yeah thanks.

anyways, all this extra energy and anger led me to paint a big canvas of a rose for my bedroom wall.. iv been meaning to do this for ages, pictures will be up as soon as its finished (or atleast in a decent state.)

(p.s. sorry about this small rant, this is just an outlet.. i know theres worse problems to have than mine.)

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  1. to me, this is the whole point of a blog. if you can't rant on your own blog then where can you?