Monday, 25 January 2010

so i think iv found

the newest edition to my list of wanted tattoos's.

i really want filigree and script with the phrase "live with without regrets.", as this is something i remind myself to do everyday.
its in the process of design now! :)
any ideas on where to have it? im considering ribs.. but im not too suree

il make sure to post the final design once done.

are there any tattoos you're realllyy craving atm?


  1. i've always wanted a tattoo with a quote along those lines. For me, I always thought on the inner forearm so I can always see it.
    (So like below the elbow toward the hand)
    Since you want filigree and a more design I think maybe the back of your neck to inbetween your shoulder blade area.
    but that's just an idea :]

  2. I want a tattoo that says "Ham Sandwich"...I'm not really sure why...maybe to make other people hungry...

  3. oh that sounds like a nice tattoo, but i hear the ribs are pretty painful. i will probably get my third tattoo later this year--not exactly sure what or where just yet, but hopefully i won't regret it. :)